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The history of e-commerce

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The history of e-commerce is not very old. The beginning of e-commerce business is very contemporary. The first e-commerce activity in the world was started in 1971 or in 1982 according to Karo. Marijuana was then sold to students at the “Stanford Artificial Intelligent Lab” using ARPANET.
In 1989, Michael Aldrich presented a demo of the first online shopping.
In 1981, Thomson set up Holiday UK and launched the first Business to Business online shop.
In 1982, the French telecom company Mintel began taking their online orders.
In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee, the father of www, launched the first web browser, known as the World Wide Web. This is the beginning of a revolution in the Internet world and the beginning of online shopping or e-commerce (E-commerce).
In 1992, Book Stacks became the first e-commerce company to use online payment processing called ‘Unlimited Cooks Doncom’.
On July 5, 1994, the world-renowned e-commerce company “” ( began marketing books. The company saw its first profit in 2003 and declared an annual dividend.
In 1995, an American e-commerce company called was started.
Giant Alibaba Group, a Chinese e-commerce company, started in 1999 and became a for-profit company in 2001.
In January 2000,, a popular US-based e-commerce company, was launched. The company is a subsidiary of Walmart Stores Inc.
The launch of Indian e-commerce company ( started in 2006. It is currently the largest company in India.

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