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History of E-commerce in Bangladesh

Bangladesh E-commerce The first e-commerce started in Bangladesh
The origin of e-commerce in Bangladesh is not very long. The first Bangladeshi e-commerce company,, was launched in 1999, dating back to 2000. Although the beginning was good, the company was shut down due to various obstacles.
Then in 2008 a new organization called ( was started. The beginning of free online advertising in Bangladesh was started by ‘’. Selbazar was basically a marketplace company.
Unable to cope with various problems, Selbazar started their business anew in 2014 under the name of Dotcom.
Since then, many have tried to take a firm stand in this sector but have not been able to take advantage of it. However, with the establishment of today’s ( in September 2011, the country’s e-commerce sector gained new momentum. At present, the company has more than one and a half lakh products in 500 categories.
In the same year, another organization called dotcom ( was started but failed to see the face of success and re-launched in 2016 under the name of bagdoom (
2012 has been a milestone for Bangladesh’s e-commerce sector. Because on January 19 this year, the most popular e-commerce company in Bangladesh ‘’ made its debut after a lot of happenings. Now the books of this country are very popular among the crazy people.
In 2013, a new horizon was created in the world of e-commerce in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Bank, BASIS and other organizations have started popularizing e-commerce through various programs. Among them are fairs, meetings, seminars, publications in crores etc.
The e-commerce fair called ‘Computer Jagat’ started in many places in Bangladesh including Dhaka.
Another popular e-commerce site ‘‘ started this year.
2014 is a year of history for the e-commerce sector. The e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-Cab) was born later this year, giving young entrepreneurs a new lease of life. So they became strong in trust and confidence and started dreaming of a new day. Especially e-Cab came forward to solve the business problems of the entrepreneurs.
In this way, e-commerce has been able to cement its place in the country’s economy as a new sector to open the door to various problems and possibilities. As a result, many large foreign companies are investing large sums of money in the country’s e-commerce sector.
Currently, only new courier companies have been established for e-commerce product delivery. To make money transactions easier, e-commerce companies are offering various payment gateways to all types of financial institutions, starting from banks.
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History of E-commerce in Bangladesh

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